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Media Preview of the Chinatown Hungry Ghost Festival

  • 28 Aug 2009
  • Chinatown Hungry Ghost Festival Site (Open Field along Spring Street beside the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple’s Carpark)
  • 7.00pm
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What to learn more about the Hungry Ghost festival?

This year's Chinatown Hungry Ghost Festival promises to be a special treat for both our 'good brothers' (euphemism for the spirits) and the living. For the first time ever, the Chinatown Business Association will be launching four days of activities to showcase the rich and intriguing culture of this mystical festival.

Through a guided walking tour, visitors will enter into the world of deities, spirits and beliefs. Our guide will take participants through an evening of the Hungry Ghost festivities in Chinatown. Find out which deity acts as the festival's 'policeman', what secrets lie in the 'Fa Cai Ang Bao', watch the rituals and be immersed in the loud and electrifying action of the Ge Tai and Auction Dinner. To unravel more mysteries, one can also pay a visit to the Exhibition by the Taoist Federation by the festival site.

Instead of staging traditional wayang (Chinese Opera) or Ge Tai (literally song stage), the Chinatown Ge Tai stage will be transformed by Sinema Old School for an outdoor screening of the docu-film, "A Month of Hungry Ghosts". This 22nd Singapore International Film Festival Best Film nominee by Mythopolis Pictures captures the unique phenomena of the Hungry Ghost Festival in all its different aspects throughout an entire seventh lunar month in Singapore.

The Chinatown Business Association invite journalists and photographers to a special sneak preview on Friday 28 August 2009. Interviews and photo opportunities can be arranged. Details are as below:

 Kindly RSVP by 26 August 2009 to Jonel Ho or the undersigned at




7.00 pm 

Arrival of journalists and guests. Registration at the Festival Site.

7.30 pm 

Introduction by the Chinatown Business Association

Sharing by Alun Chow, Chairman of CBA 7th Month Festival Organizing Committee 

7.45 pm

Hungry Ghost Festival Tour (Part 1)

8.05 pm

Viewing of Exhibition by the Taoist Federation Youth Group

Sharing by Chung Kwang Tong, Secretary-General of Taoist Federation Youth Group

8.15 pm

Hungry Ghost Festival Tour (Part 2)

8.45 pm

Viewing of 'A Month of Hungry Ghosts' trailer at Ge Tai stage

Sharing by Olivia Loh-Ing, Deputy Executive Director of Sinema Old School;

& Tony Kern (Director) & Genevieve Woo (Producer) of Mythopolis Pictures

9.15 pm

Questions & Answers

9.30 pm


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