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FCA Morning Talk: Author Lung Ying-tai

  • 09 Nov 2009
  • SMU, Administration Bldg, 81 Victoria Street, Function Room, Level 6
  • 8:30am
  • free

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kiaThe essayist and bestseller-author Lung Yingtai is an undisputed star in Taiwan's literature scene. Her book of social-political criticism, The Wild Fire, published in 1985 during the KMT control, has been widely acknowledge as a landmark event in the process of Taiwan democratization.

Writing extremely critically yet elegantly on topics such as civil society and human rights, Lung's influence in China is unique as she is the only Taiwanese writer to publish regularly columns there.

Mrs. Lung's newest book "Dajiang Dahai" ("Big river, big sea"), published in September, is dedicated to the "million restless souls whose life's where ruined by the Chinese civil war." It has already sold more than 200.000 copies.

Still only published in Mandarin, the book tells the story of the many Chinese families that were broken up by the civil war that ended in the Kuomintang's defeat in 1949, with some two million escaping to Taiwan. Many, like the author's parents, hastily said goodbye to loved ones in mainland China and would never see them again.

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