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FCA Museum Night -Yeh Chi Wei @ SAM

  • 14 Jun 2010
  • Singapore Art Museum
  • 6pm sharp
  • nil

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Born in Fuzhou in 1913, Yeh Chi Wei studied Western painting in Shanghai and later settled down in Singapore where he became a well-respected art educator as well as influential leader in the local art scene.

He initiated a series of painting trips to various Southeast Asian and Asian countries under the Ten Men Group and by the 1960s, was regarded as one of the leading proponent of the Nanyang School.

Building upon his interests in Chinese woodblock prints, Han dynasty carvings, decorations on bronze vessels, and oracle bone and stone drum inscriptions, as well as his admiration for the region's artistic heritage such as Javanese batik, his oil paintings of Southeast Asian themes often evoke a sense of antiquity and monumentality.

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