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FCA talk on Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM8)

  • 23 Sep 2010
  • EU Delegation (Raffles City Tower), 37 Floor
  • 11.00 am
  • Nil
    Coffee and snacks, including Belgian biscuits and chocolates, will be served.

This event is for Members only.

The eighth biannual Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM8) is taking place 4-5 October in Brussels Belgium. ASEM is the main multilateral channel for communication and dialogue between Asia and Europe. It brings together the 27 European Union Member States and the European Commission with 14 Asian countries and the ASEAN Secretariat. For the first time, Russia, Australia and New Zealand will also join in the proceedings.

Key delegates from Singapore will provide a preview of the summit for members of the Foreign Correspondents Association.

Roland Van Remoortele/Ambassador of Belgium
Dominique Girard/Asia-Europe Foundation Executive Director
Holger Standertskjoeld-Mordenstam/Head of Delegation of the European Commission to Singapore

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