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Lunch with Harvard Professor Ezra Vogel

  • 13 Oct 2004
  • Conrad Hotel
  • 12:30pm
  • $40 for members
    $50 for non members
The FCA is honored to have one of America's foremost authorities on East Asian affairs. Harvard Professor Ezra Vogel, has agreed to discuss his views about North Korea in a regional security context. Vogel has taught East Asian affairs at Harvard for more than three decades and is currently Henry Ford II Research Professor of Social Sciences at Harvard. He has also run Harvard's US-Japan Program, its Fairbank Center for East Asian Research and its Asia Center. In addition, Vogel served from 1993-1995 as National Intelligence Officer for East Asia in the US Defense Department. Among his many works on Asia is the noted 1979 book, Japan as Number One, which remains the best selling nonfiction book of all time in Japan by a Western author. Vogel, who is fluent in Mandarin and Japanese, has visited Asia every year since 1958.

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