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FCA Museum Night - ACM's Terracotta Warriors show

  • 19 Jul 2011
  • Asian Civilisations Museum, Empress Place
  • 5.30pm
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The terracotta army buried near the tomb of the First Emperor of China was one of the most important archaeological discovery of the late 20th Century . Unearthed in 1974 outside Xi'an, the thousands of pottery soldiers and horses are striking works of art that tell us a great deal about early China.

'Terracotta Warriors: the First Emperor and his Legacy' features one hundred artefacts from Shaanxi province in  China. Besides terracotta figures, the display contains important bronzes and  jades from the Qin state before the time of the First Emperor, Shi Huangdi. The Han dynasty inherited the legacy of unified China, and charming terracotta  figures from this later period show how the First Emperor's tomb influenced later. 

5.30pm                        Registration and refreshments

6 - 7pm                       Curator's Tour - Terracotta Warriors

7pm                             Q&A and refreshments

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