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Luncheon on Asian Bond Market Initiative

  • 27 Oct 2004
  • Conrad Hotel
  • 12:30pm
  • $40 for members;
    $50 for non members
By parking so much money in global reserve currencies, Asian savers have been outsourcing their capital markets to the United States. But there is now a new sense of urgency among regional policy makers to make an Asian bond market a reality. Central banks through the Asian Bond Market Initiative are co-ordinating on how best to diversify out of the dollar. How much progress has been achieved so far and what remains to be done? Will an Asian bond market succeed and what are the pitfalls laying ahead? Well-known analyst Michael Preiss has agreed to address the FCA on the topic of "Time for region to stop outsourcing capital markets to the US" Previously Chief Investment Strategist for CFC Securities, an independent bond trading house. Mr. Preiss is now a Research Fellow with the Asian Bond Market Forum, a Hong Kong based think-tank. He is also working with Thailand�s Ministry of Finance, as one of the founding members of the Asian Bond Market Development Secretariat in Bangkok. A guest lecturer at the People's Bank of China, Mr Preiss will also be sharing his views on the economic situation in China.

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