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FCA CEO Lunch: Renato de Guzman, Bank of Singapore

  • 14 Oct 2013
  • The Conrad Hotel
  • 12.30pm - 2.00pm
  • $40 for members registering by Oct 4; $55 for members registering after

This event is for Members only.

Renato de Guzman, the CEO of Bank of Singapore, the private banking subsidiary of OCBC group has agreed to an informal, but on the record lunch session with members of the FCA.

Three years ago, OCBC acquired ING's private banking assets in Asia Pacific and merged it with its own.

Some of the big issues in private banking right now are regulations, pressure from Europe to screen money fleeing to Asia for tax avoidance and money laundering purposes. The MAS has enacted new laws and is new enforcing new rules on private banks. 

Priority booking will be given to those who had expressed an initial interest.

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