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Talk with film director Royston Tan

  • 31 May 2004
  • Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
  • 6pm

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I'm pleased to announce that Royston Tan, film director of the controversial "15" and the recent short-film "Cut", has agreed to address the FCA. The Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) has kindly offered its conference venue, where we will be able to view CUT (a 12-min film), followed by a Q&A session over wine and cheese sponsored by ASEF. Topic: Singapore's film industry and the censor - A director's view The 28-year-old Tan has been heralded as Singapore's most promising young filmmaker. He has already collected over 26 international and local film awards for his short films, documentaries and recently his feature film. In 2001, he was conferred ASEAN Director of the Year and in 2003, he was recognized by Netpac Jury as one of Asia's Most Promising Talents. Royston's first full-length feature film "15" charts the misadventures of teenagers on the fringe of Singaporean society. Acted by real street kids, it reveals the gritty side of modern-day Singapore life that many never knew existed. It is the first ever Singaporean film to be invited to be in competition in Venice for the "Lion of the Future" award. Royston will talk about his past experience with the Film Board and about his latest projects.

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