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Lunch with human rights lawyer M Ravi

  • 13 Jan 2006
  • Conrad Hotel
  • 12:30pm
  • $20 for members registering by Jan 10
    $35 for members registering after Jan 10
    $50 for non-members

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�How can a civil rights advocate work within the system?� M.Ravi is now considered Singapore�s leading human rights lawyer. In the last year he defended two death penalty cases, that of Shanmugam Murugesu and Nguyen Tuong Van�s. More recently, he was also involved in a controversial case defending the three protesters who had been demonstrating in front of NKF Board. For taking up those cases and trying to explore all legal boundaries, while pushing an anti-death penalty campaign, Ravi has often come under fire, being criticized by other lawyers which called his actions �publicity stunts.� Ravi has agreed to talk to the FCA about his experience as a human right lawyer in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia, working within the system and trying to change it. He is currently involved in Clinical Legal Education programs in Asia in implementing programs relating to the Rule of Law. He is also involved in a project with Afghanistan law students to assist building the legal infrastructure for the civil society there, coinciding with the recent opening of the new parliament. He was also reprimanded for creating a scene at Changi Women�s prison after he was denied entry into the prison to see an inmate. Ravi runs his own law firm M.Ravi & Co with a group of Associates and recently launched his second book �Hung at Dawn,� about the case of Shanmugam.

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