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Lunch with European Commission's Director General of Trade

  • 15 Nov 2006
  • The Conrad, Salon III
  • 12:30pm
  • nil

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Lunch with David O'Sullivan, Director General for Trade, European Commission Subject: The EU Asia Trade Partnership The significance of the EU�s impact on world trade is considerable. The EU is the world largest trader accounting for 18% of world trade. For Singapore, the EU is it�s largest trading partner after Malaysia accounting for 40.8% of Singapore's trade (the US accounts for 38.1%). David O'Sullivan is one of the key shapers of the EU�s trade policy and he is the EU's most senior trade official after Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson. This is a unique opportunity for an on-the-record conversation with an influential trade official. This event is only open to working journalists and is sponsored by the Delegation of the European Commission to Singapore.

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